SCADA System Consulting:

• System specification, design, development, project management and technical consulting services of various size projects ranging up to tens of millions of dollars for such projects as SCADA, CPM, DCS, Network Management and other Industrial Control Systems.

• Intimately involved with the entire SCADA project life cycle, from project conception, specification, design, implementation, through installation, deployment, and maintenance and long term support many times.

• Many of our consultants have been on both sides of the fence as both vendors/system integrators and consultants they all are degreed professional engineers or computer scientists with many years of experience in the industry.

Some of the our recent or current projects:

Occidental Petroleum

Support of OXY as SCADA consultant with installation, testing, troubleshooting, deployment, various upgrades and long term support of OXY's 's Centurion Pipeline SCADA system
Provide 24/7 on-call support for the entire system

ConocoPhillips Corporation

Support of Conoco as SCADA consultant with the upgrade, maintenance, and enhancement of Conoco's Operations Control Center SCADA, Leak Detection and Batch tracking Systems. This large distributed system consists various redundant nodes. This system is one of the most automated SCADA systems in the industry used to run the large and complex network of Conoco's pipelines throughout the United States
Provide 24/7 on-call operational support for the entire system

ExxonMobil Corporation

Support of ExxonMobil Pipeline as a technical consultant with the upgrade, maintenance, and enhancement of the Operations Control Center SCADA, Leak Detection (CPM), Batch Tracking, Scheduling, Pipeline Nomination and Training simulation systems. This large distributed system consists of more than eight hundred PLCs, RTUs and flow computers, more than twenty mini (Hub) SCADA Systems (many redundant), large redundant centralized system, on-line SQLServer User Support System, a Training/Development System, and a remote Disaster Recovery System, all interconnected via high-speed LANs and WANs (Frame relay and dedicated high speed lines)
Provide technical services as SCADA consultant to expand the original Exxon system to about double the size to cover the Mobil network
Responsible for design review, configuration, integration and deployment of the system and various subsystems interfacing with this large distributed SCADA System including: real-time Leak Detection and Batch Tracking System, Scheduling System, WEB based Pipeline Scheduling Nomination System, various WEB based applications, automated ticketing and meter prover reports, external real-time data transfers and corporate real-time data interfaces
Provide 24/7 on-call support for the entire system and network

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Supported LADWP with long term maintenance and 24/7 oncall support of LAWSDAC SCADA System through the years.
Assisted LAWDP with SCADA upgrade to a new system.
Provided redundant web portal for LAWSDAC information exchange. The package includes Content Manageent, Trouble Ticket Tracking, Asset Tracking, Report Access, Document Management, etc.

Buckeye Pipeline Company

Performed a full advisory audit and developed a Project Methodology for Buckeye's future SCADA upgrades. The Advisory Audit, specifically reviewed Buckeye's SCADA operations relative to DOT's OPS Advisory # ADB-99-03 and 49 CFR Part 195 (API 1130) dealing with leak detection systems and safety issues


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