SCADA System Consulting:

• Evaluation of capabilities/limitations of existing SCADA systems
• Evaluation/recommendation of field instrumentation, data acquisition devices
• Pipeline design and leak detection studies
• Evaluation of client requirement and development of SCADA or CPM System Specifications
• Development of comprehensive pre-qualification and bid specifications packages
• Development of Software Specification Documents (SSD) and Statements of Work (SOW)

SCADA Project Support Services:

• Design specification and reviews
• Development of acceptance tests
• Performing factory and site acceptance tests  (FAT and SAT)
• Planning and performing SCADA deployment and cut-overs
• Implementation of customizations
• Development of custom data interfaces or specialized software or HMI
• Configuration of SCADA or CPM databases and graphical user interfaces
• Support (SCADA Systems, software and network)

Specialized Services, Long Term (24/7) Support, Analysis/Programming:

• Providing 24/7-365 full operational support for any ICS including enterprise level SCADA Systems and auxilary applications, SQL Servers, Reporting Subsystems, web based applciations, etc.
• Virtualization of systems under Windows, Linux, VMWare, Virtualbox or Xen Server making them hardware independant, easier to maintaine and more portable.
• Specialized networking and hardware, LAN/WAN, VPN, VSAT, Router, Switch, Hub, Terminal Server and Modem setup/programming and related network design
• Windows (any version), Linux, Unix, even VAX/AXP VMS System management and software support
• Development of data interfaces to transfer SCADA data to the corporate networks
• Interface Industrial Control Systems with OSIsoft's OSI PI Software or other historian or reporting software
• Design/enhance application packages to improve data flow / work process.
• Facilitate user/customer access to system/application data through Internet web pages and PC data management packages
• SCADA System and operational audits
• Operator qualification tests, Training Simulation setup and training/test scenario script development
• Custom software/interface development
• Development of specialized applications for petroleum pipelines such as power optimization software, flow path analysis software, throughput optimization software, standalone emergency shutdown software


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