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Consipio Software LLC is a Texas Corporation with offices in Houston, Texas. We are a software engineering firm, specializing in SCADA simulators and tools that are used to facilitate operations of SCADA System owners/operators like energy companies and utilities.

Our SCADA simulation package is a field device (RTU/PLC) emulator used to produce scripted scenarios for SCADA System development, database/display testing, operator training and Operator Qualification tests. (ideal tool for CFR 192.631(h))

Our web reporting package is used to provide SCADA real-time or periodic reports to corporate or external users simply and securely through intranet/internet web pages.

Our various tracking packages provide organized information tracking, data streamlining and safe keeping that is essential in smooth operations of any SCADA control center environment.

Our Change Management Tracker is an ideal MOC tool embedding QA/QC into a change process flow. It also serves as a Communication, Document Management and Knowledge Base tool. (ideal tool for CFR 195.446)

Our customers are some of most well known energy companies and public utilities in the United States.